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Self was established in 1965, the first of the four companies belonging to the group.
Since then, our expert, motivated and capable personnel has made it possible for us to offer a complete service of overwhelming quality and precision: a reference point and guarantee of reliability in today’s continuously and rapidly evolving world like that of thermoforming.

Initially dedicated to manufacturing models for foundries, Self then turned to the production of models for in-house use and the creation of moulds for thermoforming.  Today, it is recognised as a high-tech international leader in this promising sector due to the well-developed consultancy services. This reputation as a producer of moulds from casts that are duly worked to an extremely high quality level, and which today is translated in one of the most ample production activities in the world’s thermoforming mould industry!



Self operates in the most varied of markets from bathroom fittings (bath tubs, shower trays, mini spas, etc.) in which the company has been undisputed world leader for over 15 years, to recent developments such as the automobile industry, Formula 1 and the caravan, heavy vehicle and earth moving machines, as well as the ship industry or domestic appliances and many more.

High integration of the various process stages, agile and multi-task work teams, vastly articulated and varied applicative know-how, utmost confidentiality and attention paid to the quality of each solution offered, are the common elements in all the group’s companies. Moreover, Self offers an accurate design, excellent customer service and total devotion to any requirement, hard work and constant enthusiasm, satisfaction of the most demanding customer can be guaranteed.
Not by chance 98% of our customer portfolio has purchased from us more than once!

Products and integrated services
Due to the consolidated in-house co-operation and the efficient synergy between the group companies, Self is able to provide a vast articulated range of integrated services and products.
We will provide assistance in every aspect where product development is concerned: from the initial concepts and free-hand sketches, through technical prototyping, up to production of the aluminium alloy casts, final moulds, testing and samples.
By choosing the solution that is most suited to your requirements, based on the specific type of product, process and cost, likewise the machines used, Self will guide you in making the most coherent choices for a fast launch on the market without any errors and a reliable production for the whole life of your product.

Various services are available to meet your every requirement:

Research, development and project consultancy

Acquisition of the information supplied by the client and verification of the features of the final product. Design of the moulds using advanced 3D CAD systems for solid or surface modelling, digitalizing of physical models, reverse engineering. Process simulation using FEM analysis to optimize the mould performance and to forecast product deformations and stretching.

Self is able to offer qualified support to customers whose technical resources are insufficient, due to its considerable expertise in product development and selection of materials, it can offer consultancy as far as machining is concerned, perform final tests and sampling and last, but not least, guarantee optimisation of the production process, a complementary service that makes use of the most modern technologies and techniques, thereby making Self second to none in this field.
By working with our engineers, who are specialised in product development, you will receive assistance in handling all your project starting from, starting from the design study to CAD 3D files, up to selection of the most suitable materials, optimisation of the cycle time, etc.


Self provides a fast and efficient prototyping service that adapts to the customer’s every requirement on a case to case basis.
Prototypes to check the project intend, design and functionality can be produced from various data initially supplied by the customer, such as concept drawings, free-hand sketches, 2D drawings, 3D files, existing samples and using various rapid prototyping methods, machining, moulding and materials.

Rapid prototyping: use of the Selective Laser Sintering “additive” technique  with the production of models in PA nylon or PA+GF glass loaded nylon or stereolithography. Ideal for the rapid production (2-5 days) of extremely complicated shapes that are otherwise difficult to obtain with other techniques.

Machining: this is a “subtractive” technique that removes material from a solid block by means of 5-axis CNC milling to produce individual components and pre-series for use as design or functional models.  These can be made in plastic, resin or wood.

VRT layering: use of the fibreglass layering technique with gelcoat to obtain large aesthetic and functional prototypes

Moulds for thermoforming: due to the profound knowledge in the thermoforming process, Self is able to design and manufacture any mould – aesthetic pieces, boxed objects, combinations of expanded and structural, more rigid materials, with the most varied of surface textures: embossed with satined surfaces , opaque, semi-opaque finishes, and with further particular knurling and anti-slip designs. The prototypal moulds are made for soft-tooling and last for several pieces of ten, depending on the material used.

Aluminium moulds:

The vertical synergy within the group companies also allows our engineers to co-operate with the expert researchers of our metallurgy laboratory to obtain aluminium alloy castings with excellent surface finish, free from micro-defects. The moulds can be made starting from various data initially supplied by the customer, such as concept drawings, 2D drawings, 3D files, existing samples. The castings are simulated using advanced FEM systems at our disposal first of all and then by means of sand-resin forming and can include suitable thermoregulating channels made of steel tubes buried directly in the cast. The following processes are performed on high-speed CNC work centres before being polished, assembled and inspected dimensionally.

Final tests with mould testing and trial moulding are performed prior to shipment to the customer.

Our consultants are at your disposal to analyse your project and discuss any specific requests. Our dedication and reliability, together with our commitment in pursuing total quality, guarantee that you have all the necessary assistance in fast turn-round times.
Contact us to find out how you can benefit from our experience!


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